Monitor / Defibrillator

The Propaq MD is ideal for the prehospital environment and is designed for ease of use and provides an unmatched combination of capabilities that include:

  • Large, high-contrast, color LCD display capable of showing up to four waveforms simultaneously, as well as a full 12-lead ECG for on-screen review.
  • All physiological monitoring parameter values, including heart rate, SpO2, ETCO2, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, two temperatures, and three invasive pressures.

The Propaq MD is the only FDA-cleared airworthy defibrillator to provide monitoring of three invasive pressures necessary for treating critical patients during long transports.



The LTV1000 by Pulmonetics allows ventilation to be tailored to each individual patient's needs with available pressure control, pressure support, volume control, adjustable flow triggering, NPPV and apnea back-up mode.

  • AutoPEEP and Static Compliance features
  • LTM Graphics Monitor ("Heads-up") for full-color, user selectable ventilator wave form displays and diagnostics.
  • Internal oxygen blending allows use of either high or low pressure O2 sources.

Infusion Pumps

Infusion Pumps

IVAC (Alaris) Medsystem III is a pole-mounted infusion pump that has three independently-programmed channels. Each team carries two of these pumps, allowing us to manage up to six different infusions per patient.

LifePort Stretcher System

The majority of our aircraft are outfitted with the LifePort Patient Loading Utility System (PLUS). The PLUS is a modular advanced life support (ALS) platform composed of three separate but complimentary elements:

  • Base unit
  • Loading system
  • AeroSled stretcher